Tyrone Shum of FiveMinuteVideoMarketing.com (Entrepreneur Blogger) for Podcasting for Bloggers

Tyrone Shum of FiveMinuteVideoMarketing.com (Entrepreneur Blogger) for Podcasting for Bloggers

SUMMER SPECIAL – I chatted with the lovely Tyrone Shum late last year to palwal about podcasting for bloggers, seeing as he does both so well, for so many years!

On http://www.fiveminutevideomarketing.com/ where Tyrone is an inspiration to all who listen to his interviews, because he is so open and willing to teach anyone wanting to learn.  His online skills are far reaching because he has built up his brand over the years the hard way, gradually.

He still works from his original blog http://www.tyroneshum.com/ too.  But now capitalises on all his prior hard work because he has established himself well amongst the well-known online entrepreneurs, and offers nothing but the best advice and help, especially about his podcasting strategies in this unique and fun interview.

(NB. Please excuse Kate’s eagerness at times when she speaks over Tyrone, and she is keen to interview Tyrone again in a few months about his continued growth and success of his new online enterprise www.FiveMinuteVideoMarketing.com and make up for her poor interviewing skills she exhibits in this interview)

And here is the interview MENU so you can fast forward to what you are interested in:
3.10 Discussing Tyrone’s business mindset change in 2012
7.40 Changing his podcast hosting from Amazon to Libysn to save $1,000 per month
8.05 His podcast downloads per month
8.30 Why his past videos were sometimes rejected by iTunes and now they’re not
10.40 How he loads his podcast through Feedburner with all tags, titles etc
11.25 The quick plugin he publishes his podcasts with now, which doesn’t require Powerpress
13.30 Why Bloggers prefer Feedburner
14.20 Why Amazon was no good for his podcast analytics, and Libsyn is
15.19 Feedburner analytics
15.48 Why he values downloads over subscribers to his podcast
16.21 Why he only publishes through iTunes
17.13 What his main call to action is every time and why
18.50 How he sets up all his different podcast feeds under one hosting account
19.35 The reason its difficult to cancel an old podcast show
20.18 Getting 60,000 podcast show downloads in six months
21.00 Why he stopped an old podcast show but the subscribers still download
22.40 Why podcasts can go on forever
23.30 Featuring the same podcast interview on two podcaster’s show
24.20 The rapid rise of his current YouTube Channel community
25.30 Tools he used to promote his new YouTube Channel project
26.40 Why Udemy approached him to feature his online course on their website
28.50 How often he watches his download stats, conversions, subscribers etc
29.40 How podcast show topics have affected his stats (good and bad)
31.00 His opinion on Canon v Nikon for video recording
32.40 Why he doesn’t promote his podcasts from his blog
33.38 Why he doesn’t feature his social media accounts from his website
33.50 What his website was created for
34.00 His pop up video opt in box success
35.50 The biggest mistake bloggers make, which he did too
39.10 Why he has a podcast show, and the benefits of it
40.00 The importance of end goals
42.28 Tyrone’s list building strategy
43.47 How to get in contact with Tyrone
44.20 His advice to get the best conversions from your sales videos

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