Tash Hughes of WordConstructions.com.au (copyrighting blogger interview) Business & Seasonal blogging

Tash Hughes of WordConstructions.com.au (copyrighting blogger interview) Business & Seasonal blogging

A Tash Hughes Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (November 2012)

I had a lovely chat with Tash, a professional online writer, who has built up a large “online writing” service, on her blog www.WordConstructions.com.au/blog/.  Tash then told me she has another awesome little blog (seasonal xmas blog) www.LoveSanta.com.au.

In this interview Tash explains why she blogs, how her website traffic increased and she found her way to the top of the organic Google search results within weeks with her blog.  She explains how she managesher email lists, how she monetises her blogs and what her plans are for the future.

You can find more about Tash here:

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Here’s the MENU fast-track of what we chatted about:

1.30 Problogger Event
2.10 WordConstructions.com.au clients
2.30 Registration of a “.com.au” blog in Australia
3.40 LoveSanta.com.au (blog & website strategy)
4.90 How Tash got her website to the top of Google analytics search results within a couple of weeks with her blogging
6.15 How Tash deals with running a “seasonal” blog
7.20 How Tash manages here SantaLove’s subscriber list
8.10 Monetising her SantaLove blog
9.45 WordConstructions.com.au — why she started blogging for it many years ago
10.50 Blogging on her business blog (eg. Comments, calls to action etc)
12.00 Content creation work — blog posts and other work Tash does
13.10 How Tash’s clients mostly find her
13.20 Where Tash looks for new clients
14.00 Tash’s analytics
15.20 What Tash will blog about (topics)
16.50 Tash’s longterm goals (including blogging)
17.30 Tash’s coaching thoughts (including a membership site)
17.49 Facebook Groups
20.00 WordConstructions blog subscribers and how Tash manages them
20.35 How Tash monetises her business blog
22.40 What Tash’s more popular posts that drive traffic to her site the most are
23.25 Tash talks about incentives to sign up
26.20 Tash’s autoresponder plans
26.30 PLR? (silly question)
27.17 Taking Tash’s blog to the next level now
27.55 Tash’s advice for newbie bloggers and the advantages of blogging
32.00 Blogspot blogs v WordPress.org blogs

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