Rahz Slaughter of MyMenopauseFix.com (health blogger interview) Planning your blogging Masterplan!

Rahz Slaughter of MyMenopauseFix.com (health blogger interview) Planning your blogging Masterplan!

A delight to chat with Rahz about all things blogging in the health and fitness demographic.

Rahz Slaughter is truly a gifted person with so much info to share about his online strategies and techniques!  So this interview is nothing short of awesome, with tips on refining Google analytics right down, blogging strategies with your email lists, how he conceptualised his current blog and the plans he has for this blog including his upcoming Health Summit.  Anyone blogging will love this interview… Kate



Here’s what we chat about:

1.21 Rahz defines himself and explains why

2.28 Why Rahz is not a fan of the “Life Coach” title

2.45 How Rahz has created his Meta Burn Brand and strategy

3.30 He explains his MetaBurn Tv private community strategy

3.44 How he promotes his MetaBurn Tv videos internationally

5.30 How Rahz and his current business partner starting working together and why

7.44 How My Menapause Fix blog came about

9.30 How Rahz found his “sweet spot” for his new blog concept and his “Jerry McGuire” moment

11.47 How he runs his main blog

13.50 Does Menapause cause wrinkles?  Rahz answers!

15.00 The age people experience menopause

15.44 We talk about how Rahz connects and keeps his subscribers

17.29 Google search Results and what keywords he ranks on Google page one organice results, why and how he created that SEO platform

18.48 Guest Posting and articles he writes, where and why

19.51 ROI – How, why, where (including Google and Clicktail)

20.30 His bounce rates

20.39 The three top analytics tools he uses and why

21.10 Why he watches the Google bots searches and how (and how he fixes errors the bots find)

22.40 Facebook advertising

23.15 His “secrets” about his subscriber list and the process he uses to get subscribers

24.25 When he does and doesn’t use Affiliate links

26.09 The FTC law on disclosing affiliate links

26.30 Monetising his blog now, and in the future, including coaching, Masterminds for his target demographic

28.50 How his readers like to communicate with him

29.10 Why Panda has changed how he does thing with his blog engagement

29.35 His new list building strategy he’s got including a giveaway and what’s around the corner

30.26 MY DOG BARKS (sorry)

31.02 MY DOG BARKS AGAIN (sorry)

31.03 His World Heath Summit and what he has coming up next week, and what his strategy is for that health summit and why

32.10 The principles of his specific marketing strategies for his target demographic

32.35 How his Health World Summit webinar has been set up

32.08 In five years he sees himself…

33.40 His podcasting plans – YAY

34.48 His interview with Dr Joel Casper?? And why he still shares this interview with people

36.25 His advice for everyone online

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