Mary Blackburn of (Health Blogger Interview) on product creation and more!

Mary Blackburn of (Health Blogger Interview) on product creation and more!

I It was lovely to chat with Mary Blackburn, who is a delightful person who has been blogging for quite a few years now on her blog and our topics covered everything from starting out blogging, building a subscriber list, creating her own products, how she runs her sales, her guest posting and more.

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1.49 Her other “job”
2.10 How she defines herself
3.20 Personal blogging
4.00 What inspired
5.20 Why people have gluten free diets
6.25 Her Celiac diagnosis and starting her blog
6.40 Developing her blogging ambition with Lynn Terry of
9.27 Starting out blogging in 2009
10.45 Social media strategies
11.20 Her analytics
12.20 Gluten free turkeys!
15.15 Gluten Free Celebrities
16.26 Her future plans for and more products
18.45 Selling on Clickbank and running a sale
20.39 Her subscribers
22.40 Her online blog strategy
22.55 Her plans for next year!
25.30 Her target demographic and how she blogs for them
30.20 How she writes her eBooks
33.00 Managing photos for her eBooks
34.55 Mary’s tips for newbie bloggers
36.00 The pros & cons of blogging
37.10 My dog barking!

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