Kelly McCausey (Podcaster & Online Entrepreneur) Podcasting & Sales Funnels

Kelly McCausey (Podcaster & Online Entrepreneur) Podcasting & Sales Funnels

Kelly McCausey Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (September 2012)
Kelly was  such a lovely person to interview, because she has worked her way up slowly to where she is now, her success, mainly due to podcasting, still grows to this day.  She shares some of her advice and tips for blogers and podcasters alike.

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ENJOY Kelly’s interview MENU below, and you can fast forward to what you like:

2.49 WordPress settings for her podcast shows
3.15 Potential success for businesses with podcasting
6.47 Her podcasting ROI expectations
9.12 How she mentors newbie podcasters, including bloggers, and why she believes many podcasters eventually fade away
10.36 Starting out podcasting in 2003, compared to today
15.30 Her PLR website project
16.30 Potential to make money with podcasting
18.20 How she benefits her list subscribers with podcasts
19.50 Podcast show formats
21.00 Interviewing techniques & tips
22.00 The problem with using Audacity
23.30 He own coaches advice for her business growth
24.00 She discusses her “Plan your funnel workshop” designed for newbies
29.48 “The Key” to get people to buy your first information products
31.50 What “call to actions” she uses on her podcast shows
32.20 She discusses her podcasting coaching program “Smart Podcasting Skills”
34.40 What every podcaster needs to do before they ever start podcasting
35.00 Why podcasting is so similar to blogging
35.40 How she successfully promotes her podcast shows
37.00 Feedburner & iTunes
38.34 How she prepares for an interview
41.00 Her “Solopreneurs Are Smarter” book
41.55 Podcast Co-hosts
43.20 Her best “podcasting tip”

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