James Schramko of FastWebFormula.com (membership training site blogger interview) Sales, discounts, opt-ins & email list management

James Schramko of FastWebFormula.com (membership training site blogger interview) Sales, discounts, opt-ins & email list management

A James discusses his perspective on so many annoying things bloggers deal with at some time or another!  I am lucky enough to be in James’ current paid internet marketing forum http://www.fastwebformula.com/ and since joining, I’ve never looked back.  His training is superior to most online atm, and he visits his forum, and responds to all of his members queries, like me, daily.

If you really want to know how much online depth of knowledge James has, check out his “products page” on his SuperFastBusiness.com website here http://www.superfastbusiness.com/products/.  It will inspire you to take your online marketing journey further.

We discussed “discounting” and putting things on sales to increase turnover, we also talk about opt-in boxes, autoresponders and email list management.  I am sure you will learn some useful strategies, as I did, from this interview!

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James also did an interview recently with Tim at Foolish Adventure Podcast, which gave you a great background to James and his online experience.

2.36 The breadth of James’ current online product range\
3.40 The correlation between discounting and marketing issues
4.30 Using a “sale” as a promotional tool
6.00 How discounting can train customers incorrectly
6.30 Why people buy on sale
6.45 The problem with websites like Groupon.com
7.11 Longterm customers
7.40 Why not offer samples of the product before you sell it?
8.36 Marketing tactics 101
10.20 Why people buy something at all
11.20 How to pre-launch your product idea
14.40 Email opt-ins and pop-up boxes (light boxes)
15.00 James new email opt-in strategy and incentives he recommends you use
15.50 James current main traffic sources
16.40 Own The Racecourse (OTR) James wrote — multiple traffic source strategy
17.15 J. Abraham and “The Parthanon Theory”
17.40 The way James uses autoresponders
19.50 How James manages his multiple email lists with groups and tags
20.30 Office Auto Pilot — Keeping his newsletters relevant to the recipient
22.00 How he takes care of his customers with new products they need
22.20 “Lunatic Millionaire” — his upcoming product launch
22.50 James’ advice to Bloggers who want more growth with their income

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