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Welcome to the iTunes Blogger Interviews by Kate Luella.

HOW Do I subscribe to the Blogger Interviews Podcast?

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HOW do I listen to a Blogger Interviews Podcast?

There are currently five ways to hear an interview, current or older one:

1.  Click below on the Blogger Interview Menu by selecting the interview you want to list to.  When you click on that “name” it will go to the actual blog post where that interview was posted.

2.  Click on the permanent “Podtrac Player” in the right hand side menu of the iTunes Blogger Interviews Page (burgandy colour) which usually shows the most recent show first.

3.  Go into iTunes and visit Kate’s Blogger Interviews iTunes Page, within iTunes Store, and browse the back catalogue and select the show you wish to listen to there and then.

4. Click on the category “Podcast Shows” on the left hand side of the home page where the main categories of this podcast blog are listed.

5.  Go into YouTube and look for Kate’s YouTube Channel and search the keywords “Kate Luella Blogger Interview” and they will all come up in order of other keywords you add into the search box (eg. Kate Luella Blogger Interview Tyrone Shum”).

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