David Jenyns of MelbourneSEOservices.com (Online Entrepreneur) on Podcasting, Marketing Strategy & Presence

David Jenyns of MelbourneSEOservices.com (Online Entrepreneur) on Podcasting, Marketing Strategy & Presence

D DAVID JENYNS Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (September 2012)

It was truly wonderful to interview David about his opinions on online business growth, his background is prudent for all things marketing and business management.  Ergo, his interview was nothing short of insightful, and I really enjoyed it.  Thanks David. :)

Business: http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/
Blog: http://www.davidjenyns.com/
His interviews are at http://www.podcastinterviews.com/
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ENJOY Dave’s interview MENU below, and you can fast forward to what you like:

2.30 David defines his business role
4.55 David explains his business filter and the process he has in place for that filter
5.35 David “Minimal Viable Product” research technic
7.30 His advice for when you are first starting out online
9.15 His business strategy plan
10.10 Why you can’t do everything online yourself (Rich Schefren inspiration)
11.15 What the “core asset of your blog” means
11.40 SEO is a blogger’s friend and how to maximise your SEO
12.00 The primary purpose of social media for bloggers
13.00 Don’t rely on one source (Jeff Johnson inspiration)
14.00 Common mistakes many bloggers make
19.10 How to grow your business skill set with consultants
22.00 Blogging marketing tips
22.40 The two types of small business owners
25.00 Content leverage system (Pete Williams inspiration)
26.00 Finding your blog content syndication system
27.50 Bloggers sacrificing short term profit for long term gains
28.00 The four key core assets of blogs to achieve long term gains
31.00 Online tools bloggers should be using
34.00 Understanding your blog goals and how to test them
34.30 Dave’s podcasting strategy
35.30 The ways podcasting instantly benefits everyone
38.00 How to ensure you have the correct target market for your blog, and to get proof of that target demographic
39.00 Audio or Video podcasts for bloggers?
41.05 Tips for blogger podcasts
42.25 Why podcasting has been good for Dave
43.05 The analytics that Dave determines his success from his podcasting

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