Before Interviews…

Welcome aboard if you are scheduled to have a chat with Kate!
Go see her video here if you have an interview scheduled with Kate.
If you would love to have a chat with Kate, via Skype, for a podcast show about you and what you blog about, then email Kate direct at KateLuella [at] and type “interview request” in the subject line.
How to book a time for an interview with Kate on Clickbook
If you need to select a time in the above calendar for a Skype chat with Kate, you need to visit Kate’s Google Calendar (link below) and select a 30min time slot.
Go visit the above URL address and select one 30min time slot by adding your blog name.
Then make sure you email Kate to let her know that you have scheduled in a time and all the relevant details of that booking.
When you have done an interview with Kate, please use this “button” to place on your blog, as a side widget is perfect, even if it’s just for a week, or a month, with a LINK straight to your podcast show interview.
CLICK HERE to get a larger resolution of the above button.

It might interest you to know:

- All the interviews are also streamed on Kate’s YouTube Channel here – you can subscribe to the YouTube channel if you prefer.

- All the interviews are listed below, the most recent interviews are at the top of the list, but they can also be watched and subscribed to in YouTube and iTunes.

AND if you would like to have a chat with Kate as an interviewee then you should know:

- Kate is particularly interested in interviewing bloggers about their blogging inspiration and journey, and any insights and advice you can poignantly give other bloggers (new and old!)

- Kate is more than happy to discuss other facets of your life, particularly those facets that are relevant somehow to your blogging (eg. your online business/service, your products you sell or promote online etc).

- Kate has set a goal to interview 1,000 bloggers over the next five years, that works out to about two interviews a week.  So she is always looking for new people to interview.

- Interviews are generally under 30mins, with minimal preparation by the interviewee, other than reading of some questions she proposes to ask you during the interview.  This makes for a better interview in the end because you can prepare your answers to the questions with more time to reflect, but ultimately, on the day, anything can happen!

- Kate does considerabel editing to the recording after the interview to make sure it all sounds lovely and somewhat professional.

- Kate does her interviews by Skype – it is free to get an online Skype account, just let Kate know your Skype account name well before the interview (and make sure you can receive emails before the interview in case Kate needs to contact you via email prior to the interview starting).

- To chat with Kate on Skype you must have a microphone, but that’s all you need.  The microphone must be of reasonable quality, and if you are unsure, simply do a skype sound check first.

- Skype is not video (unless you request it to be) and generally, Kate gets better recording quality if the video isn’t running as well as the audio on Skype.

- Kate is happy to do a “Skype check” the day before the interview just to make sure everything works fine – let her know if you want that quick check done, and she will accomodate you.

The benefits of an interview with Kate include:

  • Your name will be included in the iTunes search engine with a detailed description in the search engine box of what you do and what you want to be associated with online.
  • Your name will be in the YouTube search engine with good keyword association to your name.
  • You can obtain the YouTube embedded code of the recording at any time from YouTube or Libsyn (where Kate hosts her interview media files) to place on your blog in any way you want, now or in the future (eg. in a blog post, or even as a widget in your blog sidebar so people can hear anytime now or in the future when they visit your blog – use it like a “credibility” builder).
  • You can talk about anything you want providing it makes for good listening, and education from the point of view of a blogger.
  • You will receive quality backlinks to your blog (and/or websites) because Kate will show them in iTunes, her blog and in the YouTube description box.

The only conditions Kate puts on her interviewees is:

  • Kate can remove the recording at any time, at her discretion from her blog or any of her social sites.
  • Interviewees will review the recording and give permission for her to publish it within a timely fashion (ideally within 24hours).
  • Any request to change or delete anything is reasonable and within the context of the overall interview, not silly little things.
  • Kate can edit the final recording to make for a good listening experience for subscribers.

In return for Kate’s conditions, Kate agrees to:

  • Get your final approval of the recording before she publishes it on the internet.
  • Will remove the interview completely, at any time, from her blog or any forum you request at any time now or in the future.

The intention of Kate’s interviews is to provide inspiration, knowledge, education and insight to blogging, it is not to embarrass or big note anyone.

If at any time Kate asks a question you are not happy to answer, simply advise her so she can remove that question from the recording.  But try to run with the questions as they come, they are questions that people want to hear you answer.  You are more than welcome to be a bit vague when you answer, for example, how many email subscribers do you have to your blog, rather than say “don’t ask me that” perhaps answer with “more than I expected to have” or “I have over 1,000″.  The true answer is of course the “gold” for Kate’s listeners.


Kate will forward you a sleek looking embedded player code which you can embed right into your blog post, when you announce your iterview, and your Tribe can simply push “play” right there in your blog post.

It is also poignant for interviewees to show the interview in their next blog post – why?

Well, it’s great for a lot of reasons.

1. Your Tribe can see what you said in the interview direct from your site, rather than linking to Kate’s site, they are simply more likely to listen to an interview if the play button is right in front of them.  It shows another side of you that your Tribe may not know about.

2. It is a great way for your Tribe to hear about Kate’s other interviews, and potentially appeal to one or two of your Tribe who would also be interested in an interview with Kate, for whatever reason they have.

3. It is a great way to thank Kate for taking the time to chat to you.  Planning, recording, editing and publishing your interview (which costs you nothing) still takes Kate around 4-5 hours in total of work.  Essentially it is unpaid work, so it’s ever more worthwhile when an interviewee publishes the interview to their Tribe.

Kate looks forward to forging a long and healthy relationship with everyone she is lucky enough to connect with over the next few years.